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Belize Baby!

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

I just returned from the beautiful San Pedro, Belize! Let's just say I cannot wait to go back! The food, the people, and the nightlife didn't disappoint me at all. This was a fun 5-day 4-night girls trip! We flew into Belize City on Delta Airlines (I found an awesome roundtrip ticket a few months ago out of Washington Dulles for about $260) and from there a short 15 minute flight on a small charter plane into San Pedro on Maya Island Air. I even got to be the co-pilot into San Pedro! How cool is that?

We stayed at the beautiful Grand Caribe Belize which is about 15 minutes from the airport. We had a three bedroom condo during our stay, so each of us had our own bedroom. This was not an all-inclusive resort, but it did have two onsite restaurants and a poolside menu. Rain was the rooftop restaurant that served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We pretty much ate breakfast there every day. It wasn't expensive at all and the food was delicious. I didn't convert to Belize Dollars because most places accepted USD or credit cards, however the conversion is very easy. Belize Dollars are half USD so if you buy a cocktail and it's $20 BZE on the menu, don't worry – it’s only $10 USD. Rain offered a variety of entrees and even had a few special Belizean dishes. Almost every meal is served with rice and/or beans. The same menu was also offered if you preferred to eat poolside. Evoo Euro Bistro was the other on-site restaurant. It's known for delicious pasta dishes. I had the spinach ravioli and mushroom pasta, it was amazing! My overall top restaurant recommendations would be El Fongo, Elvis Kitchen, and the Blue Water Grill. These are all great, affordable, and authentic restaurants! If you want to just relax and have a drink, definitely go to Wild Mangos (which is right on the beach), Caramba's, or Maxie's. It was suggested that we rent a golf cart to get around the city. None of us wanted to be responsible for the golf cart so taking the taxi in the city, which was $17.50 USD each way or the water taxi which was $5 USD per person, worked best for us. Once you're downtown, everything is in walking distance.

Jaguars is a cool local bar we went to at night. The DJ was great! We found out that the weekend nightlife really doesn't start until around midnight or later in San Pedro, so if you're looking to party hard, stay out late!

We also attended a San Pedro Tiger Sharks Professional Basketball Game. The game was held at a high school gym packed with fans! Admission was only $5 USD and you are allowed to BYOB! Next time, I will definitely stay downtown and eat from a few food trucks! The weather was perfect and the local residents were extremely polite. I'm excited to try my new body scrub called "Monkey Fart" and my charcoal face soap. We were told this was the best bath and body items to buy. I also bought a few bottles of cashew wine from the Duty Free Store in the airport; I can't wait to have a glass. This was an awesome trip and I definitely can't wait to come back!

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